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Class of 2012
American Kwan's
Hall of Fame  Inductees 
May 12, 2012 

Grand Master J.J. Kim & Grand Master J.A. Saffold


As founder and Grand Master of  American Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation, I would like to welcome you to our web-page. We are a traditional Korean Martial Art with a rich history that goes back thousands of years. We teach and train with our students in the ways of  traditional Tang Soo Do. I hope to see and train with you in one of our DoJangs soon.

Grand Master
James Saffold
9th Dan # 14489 


Welcome to American Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation's Webpage

Our Members are what makes American Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation one of the finest  organizations to be part of. We believe in hard work, traditional training and a sound foundation is key in our student's development. We always remember that the right to the next step is earned through training and hard work, it's not automatic.  

The Master Instructors of American Kwan take great pride in sharing their expertise with their students.

What you will find are exceptionally well qualified and experienced instructors that leave their ego at home. Not many organizations can make that claim.

We are all about the student!

We take more pride in the success of our students than we do in our personal gains and glory.

If you’re looking for quality Martial Arts Instruction and to belong to a top quality organization, you’re invited to visit and see for yourself who we are.

Train Hard, Harder, Hardest!



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